On your one-hour tour, a knowledgeable guide will escort you through the Skyline Caverns, explaining the geological history while challenging your imagination; making your tour educational, exciting, and entertaining.

You will witness a "living" cavern's meticulous work, forming even today, an exquisite creation. The dripping of water you find throughout the Caverns is a reminder of this constant growth, the beauty of which is shared with thousands of wide-eyed visitors each year.

A limited tour group size allows for personal tours even on the busiest days. Well-trained guides along with award-winning lighting systems allow you to enjoy the splendor of The Capital Dome, Rainbow Trails, Painted Desert, Wishing Well, Grotto of Nativity, Cathedral Hall, Shrine, Fairyland Lake, Anthodite Clusters, Chandelier and much, much more. Unique to Virginia caverns, Skyline Caverns are home to three underground streams and 37-foot Rainbow Waterfall.

A visit to Skyline Caverns is a perfect part of your stay in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and an ideal day trip from anywhere in the four state area! Let us help plan your visit to Skyline Caverns today. Discount and group rates are available (see Admission Info). Your visit will leave you with memories for a lifetime.